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TJTB-37/45/55/75/90/95 KW Quarry Diamond Wire Saw Machine for Granite or Mable

Adopt to dual frequency conversion control system design, with fully automatic constant tension control system, fast running system, automatic protection function and automatic control function of cutting process, the machine can automatically adjust the wire saw feed rate based on its own load, to maintain the tension of balanced during the diamond wire rope in the operating process,thereby extending the life of diamond wire  rope and to ensuring the continuity of the cutting process  
Driving PowerkW37kw=50HP45kw=65HP55kw=74HP78.59095
Total PowerkW40485875kw=100HP95100
Feeding PowerkW0.750.751.
Rotary Cutting Head Motor PowerkW0.750.750.751.10.750.75
Cutting Head Lateral Moving Motor PowerkW0.550.550.550.750.750.75
Cutting Head Rotation°360360360360360360
Cutting Head Adjustment Distancemm400400400400450450
Lateral Movement Of Cutting Headmm180018001800180018001800
Main Guide Wheel Diameter(Granite)mm800800800800800 (Granite)    900Marble800
Main Guide Wheel Diameter(Marble)mm900900900900
Rotation Speedr/min960960960960960960
Linear Speedm/s0~400~400~400~400-400~40
Wire tension
Allowable Working Temperature° / -15~+40-15~+40-15~+40-15~+40'-15°C to +40°-15~+40
Power VoltageV380±10%380±10%380±10%380±10%AC 380±10% & 50HZ380±10%
Power FrequencyHZ50505050
Overall Dimension / size(L*W*H)mm1700*1500*14001800*1500*14001800*1600*14001900*1600*1400L=1900, W=1600, H=15001900*1600*1500
Net Weightg / kg20002500280035002.82800

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